Moving to Maine – State Information

Located in Northeast of the US, Maine is a small state with an even smaller population. More than 90% of the residents live in small towns, Maine’s biggest city being Portland. Maine borders to north with Canada. Maine is also the only state in the United States of America that has a single neighbor state, New Hampshire. Due to its cold winters, Maine was home to the inventors of thermostat and earmuffs.

Because of the 3500 miles of coast and vast areas of forests, Maine is one of America’s major touristic attractions. The small towns are delightful and deeply connected to nature. Portland, being Maine’s largest city, hosts all administrative buildings and modern industries. But, mixed with its charming buildings inherited from the Victorian era, Portland is considered to be the perfect place to settle.

In addition to its beautiful sites, in continuous change along with the seasons, Maine offers to its residents or to the visitors, diverse methods to spend their free time or vacations. The 6000 lakes are also not to ignore. Having such a huge part of its surface covered with forests, Maine is one of the few states in New England that still has large wild areas, without any inhabitants, nor any kind of organization into local units.

Maine’s population has consistently grown over the years, people considering it a splendid place to live. Number of tourists is much higher during the summer. Winters, especially in north, are sometimes cruel, with big quantities of snow dropping daily. People who experienced relocation to Main say they not only were used to the long winters, but also eventually got to enjoy the cold season.

Unemployment rates are low in Maine, economy being diverse and prosperous. Besides tourism, Maine is an important national transporter. USA’s 99% of blueberry production belongs to Maine. It is also one of the states with a tradition in shipbuilding.

Moving to Maine is an excellent idea and you will surely enjoy living in this beautiful state. Even better, relocating to Maine can be hassle free as there are many professional moving companies ready to take care of your relocation. A simple search on the internet gives you the possibility to find and compare different moving companies and their prices.