Relocating To Maine

The idea of moving to a new residence can conjure up feelings of excitement, as well as anxiety, especially if you are relocating to a new state. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”, so use this Relocation Guide to learn more about Maine and prepare for a stress free move.

As the largest state in the six state region that makes up New England, Maine is incredibly rich in both natural beauty and history. There’s so much more to Maine than lobster pots and craggy coastline. From its pine mountain forests, rolling acres of farmland, ski resorts, and harbor towns, there’s something here for everyone.

The ABC’s Of Maine

Augusta is the capital and the statewide Area code is 207
Blueberries are a major export of Maine
Climate is marked by cold, snowy winters and mild, pleasant summers
Downhill skiing and dog sledding are favorite winter pastimes
Economy is base on agriculture, fishing, the paper pulp industry and tourism
Frye Island, the state’s smallest town is a summer resort located in Sebago Lake
Gaming and golf are both popular
Highways are I-95, I-295, US Route 1, US Route 2, Route 6, and Route 9
Isleboro is home to the Sailor’s Memorial Museum
Jackman, aka the “Switzerland of ME”, is in the Moose River Valley
King, as in Stephan King, Maine native and famous author
Lobster, lighthouses, and LL Bean(Freeport, ME)-all Maine icons
Motto-I Lead
Nickname: The Pine Tree State
Orono is home to the University of Maine’s flagship campus
Portland is Maine’s largest city
Quebec borders Maine to the northwest
Rivers-St. John, Penobscot, Kennebec, Androscoggin, and Saco
Snow! Great for snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and snow shoeing
Trees cover 80% of the state: white pine, fir, spruce, hemlock, and hardwoods
USSME-There have been 4 in all, 3 battleships and 1 submarine
Victoria Mansion(1860) in Portland is a major tourist site & National Historic Landmark
Windjammer Cruises of Maine’s seaport towns have been popular on since the 1800’s
X marks the spot on the Moxie soda logo, the official state beverage, introduced in1876
York, Maine was America’s first chartered city in 1641
Zone-Maine is in the Eastern Time Zone

Now that you have brushed up on your Maine Alphabet, you’ll want to start a “to do” list for your relocation. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions for you to consider:

Update Your Address-The easiest way to handle this is to fill out a “Change of Address” card at your local post office. You will be able to notify the postmaster of your departure date, so your mail can be immediately forwarded to your new address. In addition, you will want to notify friends, family, neighbors, employers, children’s schools, physicians, and anyone you conduct business with on a regular basis. You may provide them with your new information by email, or have personal change of address cards printed. It is especially important to provide this information to your bank, insurance company, mortgage provider, and the IRS, particularly if you are selling a home as part of your Maine relocation, you will want your year end tax information.

Register Your School Aged Children For School and Connect with Other Parents-Visit the Maine School District Directory for information on the school system in your new area, and details on how to register school students. The website, is a great resource for comparing test scores, parent reviews, and national rankings. Volunteering at your child’s school and becoming involved with the PTO is a great way to meet other families.

Register to Vote-Visit the State of Maine Board of Elections for information on how and where to register to vote in your new district for local, state, and federal elections.

Drivers License and Car Registration-To get all the facts on the procedures for taking care of everything that relates to your vehicles and your new Maine drivers license, contact the State of Maine Department of Motor Vehicles.

Make Important Contacts-To find a new family doctor, dentist, attorney, mechanic, babysitter, and so on, you can seek suggestions from your real estate agent, neighbors, or the local Chamber of Commerce. You may also want to double-check any recommendations by using Google and Angie’s List to read reviews of local businesses and service providers.

Explore and Have Fun! -After you settle in, take time to explore your new town. Check out the local municipal website for a wealth of information, from everything to bike paths to recycling. To learn about local attractions and historic sites, visit the local tourism office or Convention and Visitors Bureau. Your new town may even have a Newcomers Club!

If you want to make new friends and get connected, consider volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. can help get you started. The local library can help you find a book club, and the parks office will likely have information on recreational sports leagues. Community colleges typically have a long list of fun enrichment classes such as Art, foreign languages, cooking, and carpentry, and are a great way to meet new people. If you have school age children, parent volunteers are usually welcome and finding a church is another excellent way to meet people and get involved.
You may also want to pick up a local entertainment magazine or coupon book, and try one new restaurant or entertainment venue a week.

Here’s to Maine, all it has to offer, and a stress free move!